Beyond Clusters is a website focused on providing information about headaches and living a life of abundance BEYOND the pain. It is about more than just cluster headache, as I will explore additional headaches such as migraine, tension, rebound and much more.

This is a forward looking site, and together we will explore the limitless possibilities that exist beyond our current understanding and management of pain. There is an infinite potential for knowledge, discovery, and growth that exists beyond our current situation. There are unknown perspectives and experiences waiting to be explored and discovered. I hope the content encourages us to push beyond our current limitations and expand our horizons to explore the vastness of what lies beyond headache pain.

My name is Dale Fisher, aka: “Fishdog!” and I will use this site to share my journey as a cluster headache sufferer. I will also provide information about other types of headaches, coping strategies, helpful lifestyle changes and reviews of headache related products and programs.

I will share tips about personal development, overcoming barriers, living a purposeful life and living with clusters and other headaches.

Some additional content will center around the science of headaches, current research, new treatments, how to work with a doctor and how to deal with insurance and disability.

Finally, I plan to have content around how to manage work while in a cluster cycle and how to start your own business or side hustles to generate an income and not be tied to a job.

Hope to see you back here soon when I formally launch my site!

With Great Regard,



Dale Fisher, AKA “Fishdog!”